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GitHub Brand 2018

GitHub is an open source community home to over 31 Million developers. A community where developers come together to share, collaborate and build software.

Our high-level goal was to increase GitHub's brand awareness and deepen the positive experience fans have with our brand through an integrated campaign, resolving at GitHub’s tentpole event, Universe.

Role: Creative Director and Strategist

“Brilliant Campaign.”

Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit


We rebranded Universe 2018 and created signature exhibits with GitHub’s developers and community mascot, Mona Lisa Octocat placed directly at its core.

Brand Campaign

We highlighted and celebrated ahead of and at Universe 2018 what’s possible when developers from all around the world come together on GitHub to create, share, and iterate on something bigger than themselves.

Brand Experience

We gave members of GitHub community, ahead of and at Universe 2018 a custom way to represent themselves on and off GitHub through the image of Mona, GitHub's curious, inventive and fun-loving mascot.