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O'Reilly Experience Design

O'Reilly Experience Design

Role Director of Product Design and User Experience

While at O’Reilly I was responsible for building, mentoring, and growing from the ground up, a world-class distributed experience design team. Our team includes visual, interaction and motion designers along with user researcher(s) and tech writer(s). As the team lead, I stewarded the cross-collaboration with product and engineering teams to produce user-friendly experiences for O’Reilly’s SaaS Learning Platform, Safari.

Design Thinking is our team's philosophy. Lean is our brain, agile is our body, and a design system is what we use to build MVPs and ship customer-centric solutions. Our methods follow a four step process of Discovery, Decide, Make and Validate

Discover & Decide

Product aims to find answers to customer-centric questions through deep empathy. In Discovery we start by conducting insight driven research to find answers to those questions. Is there fire? Is there even smoke? Once establishing those answers we can focus the design effort through a range of artifacts. 


Insights lead us to define the problem statement, declare assumptions, organize those assumptions into a workable hypotheses which fuels our Design Studios. Design Studios are a consensus building tool for our cross-functional teams to decide upon the MVPs we should build. Our living material design library we've created then empowers us to stand-up and test those MVPs, iterate, learn and ship them fast.


We then test our MVPs in the wild with real customers. Which is why at this point we use an evaluative research approach. We measure how a design or solution stands up to the KPIs and benchmarks laid out in our Lean UX Canvas. This includess a mix of qualitative surveys and analysis of quantitive data provided by our analytics tools.